Health Facility Management

ESA Principal Mark Nichols, AIA, FACHA, LEED AP, discusses how advanced planning, design, and construction technology helps drive building project efficiency in Health Facilities Management’s 2020 Hospital Construction Survey.

Article excerpt:  

Along with BIM, prefabrication, 3D projection mapping, modular construction, and 360-degree photography are among the most-cited technologies for design and construction projects, according to the survey. Most cited benefits are cost control (80%), enhanced communication (53%) and staying on or ahead of schedule (52%), which is in line with what is happening throughout the field, according to Mark Nichols, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP, principal at Eckenhoff Saunders, Chicago.

“Each of these technologies is different, but they all support one another. And in a sense, they all have a data component,” Nichols says. “Hospitals using these technologies are seeing lower costs, faster results, and better coordination of documentation, leading to better outcomes all around.”

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