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Francis W. Parker Library

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Chicago, Illinois

When Parker first opened its doors in 1901, the world was in the midst of a massive, Industrial-era redefining of humanity’s place vis a vis knowledge. Now Francis Parker is once again witness to a massive change in the relationship between human beings and the knowledge they crave, create and consume. Through a partnership with Wonder, by Design, the proposed renovation positions this century-old library as a hub that blends a dichotomy of functions that a modern library must accommodate – a space where one is both alone and together, a space that nourishes private reflection while enabling public action, a space that increases our sense of individual freedom and inspires our sense of commitment to one another; ultimately, a space that both seeds chaos and establishes order.


The design accommodates a variety of functions and a spectrum of ages—from dynamic design elements and finishes that connect and delineate space, to custom Lego tables and cafe-style work areas.