Design Approach

Program. Place. Craft. Art. Science.

Architectural design is more than a building’s aesthetics. It is how a building interacts with its surroundings, is used by its inhabitants, enhances productivity, creates a sense of place.
Good architectural design balances the elements of program, place, craft, art, and science. But it also understands that the relationships between these elements will vary from project to project. Our clients’ needs are always the starting point for developing a design. Prior to the program, a site is a blank slate. The owner’s functional requirements, employee base, aspirations—these all shape the final design.
Layered on top of the owner’s program are the interests of the surrounding community, the code and legal requirements, the technical specifications demanded by the program, the building’s orientation and scale, the science of bringing together art and engineering.
Our design approach is based on listening, collaboration, and problem-solving. Our objective for every project we undertake? Enhance the lives of the people who experience the buildings we design.