We’re a Chicago-based, architecture, planning and interior design firm. Our work is defined by innovative problem solving, client-centered service, technical expertise and pragmatic experience.

We collaborate with diverse organizations in the healthcare, educational, hospitality, non-profit, commercial, financial and industrial markets to develop meaningful design solutions that enhance the lives of those who experience our buildings.

Recent Projects

Kehrein Center Opens

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was recently held for the grand opening of the Kehrein Center for the Arts and…

Northlight Theatre

Northlight Theatre

Eckenhoff Saunders is partnering with Northlight Theatre to bring the company back to Evanston where it originally started…

Alexian Health Center_thumb

Healthcare Snapshots

The Eckenhoff Saunders-designed Foglia Family Foundation Residential Treatment Center in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, is featured in the…

Old St Pats Fellowship Hall_image 1

Fellowship Hall

Designed as a Fellowship Hall for the nearby congregation of St. Patrick’s Church, the space also serves as…

Carle Ambulatory Surgery Center

Carle ASC Opens

A ribbon-cutting and open house ceremony was held at the new Champaign Surgery Center at Carle at The…


ESA Honored by LISC Chicago

The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award for Architectural Excellence in Community Design – Third Place Eckenhoff Saunders Architects…


Rather than specialize, Eckenhoff Saunders relishes in a broad diversity of practice. We enjoy designing places of learning and healing, places of rejuvenation and play, and places of industry, worship and work. This variety of experience and passion for what’s next keeps our professionals nimble and engaged, always learning, always growing.

Interior Design

It’s through the lens of textures, patterns, colors and materials that the built world comes into focus and its character and moods are revealed.  By the deft use of this palette and scale, by showing restraint or taking a chance, our designers coax environments to communicate their living character. With each design, we seek to partner with the architecture to provide a rich landscape infused with meaning and that expresses the message our clients place in our care.

Master Planning

Where to?– It’s with a vision of the destination that each journey begins–but in which direction do we travel, what paths must we follow to get there?  By Masterplanning, we help you methodically navigate the due diligence process that lies between Vision and Building.  Every plan will travel a unique path of survey, assessment, programming, planning, and budgeting but each will arrive at your built destination with a clear understanding of why this is where you belong and with a plan of how you can get there.

Our Clients & Partners

We work with some of Chicago’s most exciting companies, schools, and institutions. At ESA we take pride in the level of service we provide to every project, big or small. Below are just a few of the great clients we take pride in working with every day.